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You feel life is passing you by.

As you agonize over important life decisions, your friends advance in their careers and relationships.

You don’t even know how you feel or what you want.

The constant second-guessing yourself is exhausting.

There seems to be no solution to this stuck feeling you’ve found yourself in for years now.

It feels like you’re not fully present.

Careless mistakes are made because all your attention is on your fears, which consume you.

Focusing at work is hard because your mind is constantly pulled in different directions.

You’ve tried to change your habits but can’t maintain a healthy routine for over a few days.

It’s so frustrating to feel this stuck without a clear plan forward.

Your past is still affecting you.

When you experience traumatic events, your nervous system locks down to keep you safe.

This can make changing and moving on with your life extremely hard.

EMDR helps your nervous system process those old experiences and restore your adaptability.

Our sessions are a safe and containing space for you to share your history and get the support you need to heal.

EMDR is a game changer.

I’ll walk you through material in a specific way that honors your thoughts and body sensations.

This processing allows memories to be stored with new, more adaptive feelings associated with them.

With guided support, you’ll restore a sense of safety and balance, feeling nurtured and protected.

This frees up energy in your mind and body to create empowering new thought patterns.

Start enjoying more meaningful connections in your relationships.

Experience the calm and confidence you need to excel in your career.

You deserve to feel fully alive and happy.

EMDR clears out the painful emotional charge you’ve been carrying around.

You deserve a restart.

EMDR is how to do it.

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