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George is heartbroken

After years of dating his girlfriend, Alice, they finally decided to make it official. They told friends, began making plans, and started ring shopping. Then Alice called it off. Now George has a hole in his heart. He was sure Alice was his person and doesn’t think he will ever find someone as wonderful. He fears even if he does, she might leave him, too.

He’s so alone. Friends offer advice, but it rings hollow. No one understands the depth of what he’s going through. How did I mess up? What is wrong with me? he asks himself. He’s certain that some fundamental deficiency in him made Alice leave. But he doesn’t have any answers.

Nora feels overextended.

Her job is extremely demanding, but she still needs to say yes to every project in a desperate attempt to prove her worth. Even after several promotions, she can’t shake the feeling that she must be perfect or be discovered as an imposter. So, she works long hours and ignores her own well-being.

Now, she’s been offered an exciting work opportunity that means moving to a new city and taking on new responsibilities. But she doesn’t know what to do. She second-guesses every choice to the point where she’s paralyzed by indecision. So, she does nothing – as life continues passing her by.

Jess and Michael feel exhausted.

As parents to young children, all their time, energy, and resources are poured into the family. All they can do at the end of each long day is collapse in front of the TV. They’ve begun to neglect themselves and each other.

Every day, they seem to grow more distant. They once shared their hopes and dreams, but that’s faded. Every conversation is about planning or logistics now, and broaching any deeper topic just leads to another argument. They aren’t ready to give up on their marriage but don’t know how to save it.

*These are fictitious names and scenarios used only to illustrate real-life situations.

Life doesn’t have to be this way.

You’re sick of living a black-and-white life while everyone else seems to be living in color.

But every attempt to find some path forward has been a dead end.

I’m here to tell you that the life you want is possible, and I can help you get there.


Hi, I’m Marissa.

For over 20 years, I’ve helped individuals and couples transform themselves, their relationships, and their lives for the better.

Together, we’ll work to give you a deeper understanding of your issues and create a plan to make lasting positive changes.

In a safe, warm, and judgment-free space, we’ll use research-backed methods to help you work through your conflicts, grow in meaningful ways, and live the happier, more fulfilling life you deserve.

Don’t wait any longer trying to deal with this on your own. Find the support you need today.

More About Me

George was ready to move on, and he reached out to me. It took a while for him to open up, but soon, he was sharing his thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. He allowed himself the opportunity to find happiness again and, before long, found a new partner. Now that he understands himself better, he can connect more deeply to his new partner and doesn’t worry that she might leave.

Nora wanted to regain her confidence. She wasn’t sure what to expect from therapy, but she contacted me, and we set to work making a plan. She learned how to set healthy boundaries and communicate her needs through our work. As her confidence grew, she decided to take that promotion in a new city. Now, she trusts her intuition and problem-solving skills – and is thriving.

Jess and Michael longed to be on the same team again. They contacted me, and together, we got to work helping them develop communication skills to foster more understanding and love in their relationship. Our sessions explored how their respective backgrounds influence their choices today. These insights now allow them to be gentler with themselves, their children, and each other.

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You will either step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety.

– Abraham Maslow

Step into a better life.

I’ve helped clients like the ones above find peace and purpose for their futures, and I can help you too.

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