Adult Family Therapy

2148701073You love your family but feel unseen and disrespected.

Every time you are together, they poke at old wounds. They say the same things that feel insensitive and belittling. So, over time, you’ve created more and more distance.

You want to enjoy holidays with family, but every year, it’s a painful reminder of how different you are and how little they know you.

At the same time, you know you don’t show up as your “best self” when you are around your family. You unconsciously fall into old patterns of relating, and all the maturity you show in the relationships with your friends just can’t be accessed with your family.

So, the pattern starts again – trigger, fight, distance.

Friends tell you to set boundaries.

But you aren’t quite sure how to do this without everyone getting mad at you.

It feels like a chasm separates you and your family members; they slap you down every time you step forward. Getting closer feels so unsafe.

Everyone gets so defensive around each other. With all these walls, no one can get close; the distance grows.

If only they understood you better. If only they could see your perspective.

588946865Stop falling into old behaviors and roles with your family.

Family therapy helps you relate to your family members differently.

In an atmosphere that fosters forgiveness and growth, we will resolve old conflicts and find ways to move on to new ways of being with each other. Family therapy aims for everyone to feel respected and loved and to take this new experience outside the therapy room into their lives together.

People and family systems can change. But it must start with two family members who want to make meaningful improvements.

I’ve helped families, siblings, and adult parent-children dyads reduce resentments and find new ways to relate in which everyone feels heard and respected.

I can help you and your family too!