Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

1948250446It’s been years of this.

And still, nothing has worked. You’ve tried therapy after therapy, medications that don’t work well enough, and perhaps have already explored alternative treatment methods. But still no luck.

Your depression robs you of the joy and desire you once felt. The fears are so deep that you can’t engage in a “normal” life. Sometimes, you think that you deserve this suffering. Other times, you feel like a victim. Hopelessness is a fog around you that you can’t escape.

Disappointments pile on top of each other. You feel like you constantly disappoint others and yourself. Being a burden is now something you are used to.

Don’t give up.

Even people who have lost years of their lives to mental illness can recover and lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Mental illnesses are diseases, and people can recover from diseases. Some people must try many treatments over the years to get better. It’s unfair. I know. But if you can muster any inkling of hope that you can get better, that’s enough to try another treatment.

The use of Ketamine in treating treatment-resistant depression is ground-breaking and has been associated with significant clinical improvement in depressive symptoms. When you combine Ketamine treatment with psychotherapy, the results can be truly transformative.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy has helped people heal from anxiety, trauma, eating disorders and other internal struggles when nothing else has worked. And it works quickly, often providing some relief after a single treatment.

2385738621“But Ketamine sounds scary.”

There is still a stigma about Ketamine because of people who have abused this drug by using it recreationally, outside of medical treatment. This abuse is unfortunate because Ketamine use under medical supervision is known for its safety.

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication used historically as a short-acting anesthetic for surgeries. Physicians have found it safe enough to use in children who are undergoing medical procedures.

Yes, some people who self-administer Ketamine outside of medical supervision can become dependent on the medication. Still, dependency is rare when administered at a clinic under proper supervision.

1tw05905How does it work?

I work with a team of board-certified psychiatrists who determine your eligibility to receive Ketamine treatment after considering multiple factors. If they prescribe this medication to you, I will start preparing you for the psychotherapy that will accompany these treatments.

Significant time goes into the preparation phase: we address your fears, create safety, learn about your past treatments, understand your symptoms, and formulate goals together. The medical staff administers treatment in the clinic, while I serve as a guide for your experience, sitting in the room with you and adjusting the environment as needed.

When you awake from the Ketamine treatment, which most people find pleasant and awe-provoking, we work to make the experience meaningful, integrating it into your understanding of yourself and your goals.

While the medication alone is known to be effective in treating treatment-resistant depression, the addition of psychotherapy adds a meaningful component, with results typically being more enduring. Significant gains in psychotherapy can be achieved through utilizing Ketamine, when correctly prepared, in a safe clinical setting.

You can experience relief after years of struggling.

It’s time you get your life back! Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy provides tremendous relief to people hindered by mental illness for years and are ready to start living again.

I encourage you to ask many questions. There will be no pressure to undergo treatment. You will receive Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy only if you are a good candidate and feel well-prepared to begin.

Contact me today to learn more and take a step toward transformation.