Breakup Recovery

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We are aware only of the empty space in the forest,
which only yesterday was filled with trees.

– Anna Freud

1112985533The pain in your heart cripples you, and no one understands.

“You dodged a bullet. You will find someone who is a better fit. There are plenty of fish in the sea,” your well-meaning friends tell you.

But none of these phrases ring true.

Your person, the best possible person for you, is gone. No one could ever be better. How could you possibly move on?

Why do they always break up with me?

You think you’re a catch, but you keep finding yourself in the same predicament… brokenhearted and confused.

You second guess all your past choices. I must have been too anxious, too clingy; maybe I suffocated him.

None of this makes sense. He said he loved me only a week ago, and we planned to move in together next month. This came out of the blue!

The feeling of shock alternates with the pain in your heart.

You muted him on social media by your friends’ encouragement. But when you are alone, in moments of weakness, you sneak over to his page and then immediately regret it. The shame spiral starts again.

2055565847What to expect in your break-up healing journey…

Grieving lost love takes time. You may experience depression, anger, denial, or shock; all of this is “normal” in grief.

In the beginning, you may feel like your mind is playing tricks on you; maybe you are having memory problems, or you may feel mentally slower. Some people experience tremendous pain and panic in the first months. Others have a sinking feeling in their chest that feels like it will never go away.

You may try to hop to the next person quickly or use substances to dull your pain. This only works for a bit, and then you find yourself in the same situation – alone and in pain.

With time, many people move on without therapy through the help of friends and good self-care. But some people can’t. It’s okay. Please don’t get down on yourself.

Therapy can help.

Whether it’s been days, months, or years, the time is now to start your healing.

In our sessions, I will help you process your relationship history, so you have a better understanding of your choices and motivations. We will develop a story of your relationship’s beginning, middle, and end, so you don’t need to keep replaying it in your mind.

We will see if this grieving brings up other things that are unhealed. If so, we will go into them and clean them up. If there was trauma, abuse, or gaslighting in the relationship, we will work through it until you are healed so you don’t get triggered as easily.

I will advise you on exactly what to do to get to the other side of this.

Breakups often have silver linings. Not only can you feel relief from your aching heart, but you can be stronger and wiser because of it.

Let me help you to the other side – please fill out the form below or email me to schedule a short, free consultation.