Dating Difficulties

1539569732You want a partner but fear your time has passed.

Spending hours on dating apps has been fruitless. There are a few dates here and there but no connections; the entire process is disheartening.

You hop off the apps for a breather but still want a partner and don’t know where else to look. Other people have found love through online apps – which leads you back to the apps.

But – still no luck.

Why can’t I find someone? What’s wrong with me? There are no decent people to date here; it’s useless.

Dating doesn’t need to feel so hopeless.

You can date in modern times and find love.

But likely, some fundamental issues in how you think about love, relationships, yourself, and the dating process keep you stuck.

748840216I can help you.

Mindset matters. I know you’ve heard this before.

How you think about yourself and your future dictates how your life appears.

If you don’t believe there is a good partner out there for you, you likely won’t find a suitable partner.

If you believe you will keep getting rejected, no matter what you do, you will likely keep getting rejected.

I can help you shift your mindset to attract the desired future.

But it isn’t mindset alone.

Trauma and childhood experiences often set us up to be attracted to poor-fit partners. Some people must dig deep and heal to change their choice of partners.

You don’t need to keep dating the same problematic people forever. You can be attracted to a healthy partner who has integrity, makes good choices, and cherishes you.

But it requires you to be open to new experiences.

Dating the same people, using the same apps, and going to the same places haven’t gotten you the relationship you want.

You must get out of your comfort zone to change your relationship status.

Contact me today if you don’t want to be alone but don’t know what else to do.