Discernment Counseling

428477185It can’t continue like this.

You are so miserable. Years ago, you were excited and optimistic about your lives together, but time, finances, kids, and work have changed everything.

Resentments have piled up so high that you can no longer feel any passion or love in your relationship. Your outlook on life is just so different now. This is not the life you signed up for.

But splitting up would devastate your kids and finances and go against your values.

It seems like no win is possible.

You’ve already tried couples therapy and have gotten nowhere.

So much time and money have already been invested into your relationship, and you are in no better place. Nothing has helped bring you back to the beautiful place you were in when the relationship started.

It makes you feel powerless that your life and your relationship are out of your hands. Out of options, you give up on the hope that you will find a solution that could improve your situation.

2417221923But there is something else to try before giving up.

Discernment Counseling is a short-term treatment (1-5 sessions) that helps you and your partner decide if you want to commit deeper to your partnership, split up, or keep the status quo. The specific design of this form of counseling helps couples on the brink of separation or divorce, where one partner is leaning into the relationship, and one person is leaning out.

The goal of this counseling is to achieve more clarity and confidence in your decision about the future of your relationship based on a deeper understanding of what happened and each of your contributions to the situation. The goal is not to solve relationship problems but to see if they are solvable.

In these sessions, you will speak with me both as a couple and individually. I will not pressure you in either direction but be your guide to better understanding your situation and choosing the best way forward.

Even if this relationship ends, this work will be helpful to you in future relationships because you will gain more personal insight into how you show up in relationships and how to create fundamental personal growth.

The time is now to end the indecision and move forward.