Individual Therapy

2235806225The days go by, and you feel more hopeless every day.

Everyone is moving ahead, but you can’t seem to get unstuck.

Ruminating, belittling yourself, jealousy, and self-destructing are common themes in your daily existence.

You ask yourself, “How did I get like this?”

You thought you made good choices and lived a clean life, but you’ve found yourself so unhappy and don’t know why.

Therapy hasn’t helped before, so why try again?

Because you deserve better, and not all therapy is equal. The therapist-client match is essential; without trust and the proper rapport, the right connection will never occur. Doing this work with someone whose healing philosophy matches your needs is vital.

Unconditional positive regard is the overall support of a person, no matter what that person says or does. As a humanistic clinician, this is my guiding philosophy.

You deserve quality care no matter your past, what you say in therapy, or your choices. I offer a safe space where you can express your true feelings without fear of judgment. As your therapist, I will be on your side, listening with kindness, warmth, and empathy no matter what you say or do.

6ddcfadfGain insight and take action to change.

Through speaking with a skilled therapist, you can better understand your past and present, why you are the way you are, and how you got here. But this doesn’t help everyone feel better. Many people need more.

I can help you feel differently by promoting insight and providing tools that will allow you to make meaningful changes. Your self-awareness will increase, and you will learn to manage your emotions while navigating challenging situations.

It’s through insight and action that transformation occurs.

We will work together to create a life you are proud of and want to live.