About Therapy

359379419Get the life you want and deserve.

Therapy is a place to bring all your conflicts, internal and external. We examine them, and I help you find ways to make fundamental changes. It’s all about you and getting you where you want to be.

We tailor treatment to your needs. There is no one best approach and no right or wrong.

Some people want me to hold space for them to unload their burdens. Others wish for advice, direction, and skills. I can do both.

I will never grade your optional therapy homework, and you can’t disappoint me.

We will try different approaches until you are better.

I will elicit your goals and track your progress over our sessions.

We will look at what works and doesn’t work for you over time and adjust treatment as we go.

If something doesn’t work, we try something else.

My approach is to adapt to your needs.

About Therapy Img 2This is how we will work together.

We will examine how your thoughts affect your feelings and how to shift your thinking. I will reframe your difficulties and challenges, so you can see situations in new ways.

We will get to know your parts and integrate them. I will lead you through meditative exercises that will allow you to communicate with your parts, sending messages of love and gratitude, relieving them of their burdens. When parts are integrated, people experience more peace.

You will learn communication strategies and about setting boundaries, and I will show you how to implement them. We will work to start new healthy habits. I will help you change how you think about yourself and your future.

If there is trauma, we will safely and slowly move into it and reprocess it. If there are problematic patterns and behaviors, we will look at them with a new lens and get to the root of them.

If you are coming to therapy as a couple, I will help you resolve conflicts as a team so you both feel more supported.

“And what if therapy alone doesn’t get me better?”

If you need more help beyond once-a-week therapy, I might suggest you work with various doctors, nutritionists, coaches, and healers. I have a network of helpers who can help you too.

This journey is collaborative and filled with laughter, crying, learning, and accomplishment. I will be your guide. We will travel the rocky terrain together.

6ddcfadfYou are not alone.

I haven’t heard it all, but I’ve heard a lot.

Some of my clients seek help overcoming alcoholism, drug abuse, binging, phobias, and suicidal thoughts. Others are attempting to overcome the past, such as being children of alcoholics, harassment and physical or emotional abuse, rape, incest, molestation, and racism.

Relationship issues are another area where clients struggle. These issues can involve spousal conflicts, parent and child conflicts, indecisiveness over having children, infidelity, and other family matters that place a strain on couples, parents, and children.

As a new client, your treatment will be tailored to your needs. If you struggle to make positive life changes, I am here to help. Please get in touch with me today for more information. I will listen without judgment because, I believe in you.